How to Transfer Primary Domain Away from Bluehost

Bluehost offers one free domain registration. This feature allows users to save a hefty amount of $12 which is quite efficient in terms of amount. You can save this amount in the first year of your hosting. However, Bluehost will send you an email regarding domain renewal. The amount for renewing the domain name is $15.

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You have to be sure of the hosting plan you are choosing while opting for Bluehost. As shared hosting servers are most vulnerable to getting hacked, you can go for other hosting services as well. Though, shared hosting services are best for users who want a cheap hosting with good services. Bluehost will provide that type of hosting services at a reasonable rate. If you don’t have a Bluehost account then you can go on this link for getting an account at a cheap rate with many discounts here.

After the first year with Bluehost account, you have to pay $15 in the second year for renewing the domain. Even though the rate for renewal is higher than most of the other hosting services, I’d recommend you stay with your Bluehost account. Despite this advice, if you still want to change your primary domain away from Bluehost then you can follow these steps. Some of the things which you have to do are these:

  • • Your domain will be automatically renewed for one year.
  • • You need to pay domain renewal fees.
  • • Free domain transfer is available.

This article will cover the guide with which you will be able to perform Bluehost domain transfer with ease. You can change your primary domain to any of the other hosting companies without any issue by simply following these steps:

How To Transfer Primary Domain Away from Bluehost

The Bluehost domain transfer process is relatively easy. You need to follow these few steps to complete the process. Initially, start off with these steps at your existing Bluehost account.

  • • Go to Bluehost and login your Bluehost account dashboard using the required credentials. Now, click on domains.
  • • Select the domain name for transfer process to begin.
  • • Now, click on lock and then unlock the domain.

After performing the above mentioned steps, click on transfer EPP code tab. Copy the code. Copying the code is an essential part of the method as the code will be used in the process to authenticate your Bluehost domain transfer on the new registrar.

You can find that I have blurred something in the screenshot. Don’t worry, it is my EPP code. Also, this is another lesson for all of you. Don’t ever disclose your EPP code to anyone. Disclosing the EPP code may open your domain to vulnerability. Thus, never share EPP code of your domain with anyone.

You have completed all the steps which you are required to process on Bluehost domain transfer. If you are performing Bluehost change primary domain, then you already know where you will transfer your domain. So, now go to your new domain registrar to begin the Bluehost domain transfer. I’m giving an example of changing your primary domain from Bluehost to Godaddy.

  • • Go to Godaddy. After logging in, click on domains. Then go to transfers and select transfer your domains.
  • • Now, insert your domain name and its EPP code.

  • • Select Transfer and create your account. Also, clear payment to initiate the process.

Once you finish the third step, you will get an email for authorizing the transfer. Click on the link provided in the email for authenticating the transfer. Your domain will automatically transferred from Bluehost to the new domain registrar. (Godaddy, in this case)

You will get an email from Bluehost concerning the transfer. Read the mail and make sure to not click on the link attached with the mail. Clicking the link will results in cancellation of the domain transfer.

Important Note – When the domain transfer process is going on, nothing related to the website will change. Also, once the domain transfer is completed, you should check the record of your domain name and update it as soon as possible.

As you can see the process is very easy. Thus, you can perform Bluehost domain transfer without any issue in the future.

How to Transfer Primary Domain Away from Bluehost
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