Failed to run the installation on your server Bluehost – Fix!

While signing up for Bluehost you may come across many issues which can delay your operation. One such issue was encountered today as one of my friend tried to install WordPress on his Bluehost account. However, his effort of installing WordPress on Bluehost failed as Bluehost gave him a message reading ‘Something went wrong. Click on the dropdown to get more information.’ This issue made him worry like a little kid whose toffee has been stolen away from him for no reason at all. Meanwhile, if you’re user of bluehost then you can use our bluehost coupon to opt in for bluehost to get some more discount.

My friend tried to consult many website concerning this issue however he got nothing in his belt to tackle this issue. When he further clicked on view details, he saw a cheeky message reading ‘Failed to run the installation on your server.’ He is a newcomer when it comes to hosting and websites. Thus, he had a very hard time and what did he do in the end? Ask advice from me. This incident inspired me to write an article over the issue.

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If you are facing this issue with your Bluehost account or any other hosting company, don’t worry. This guide will cover every minute detail of the process leaving you with the simplest solution.

Solution: Failed to run the installation on your server

The installation error can be caused because of a failed attempt to install WordPress on Bluehost. If your Bluehost WordPress Install is not working then the reason for it could be that the root directory is not empty. For fixing the minor issue, you can follow this method. Read every step thoroughly. If you have any questions, feel free to ask it in the comments section.

Uninstall Previous Installation

You can initially start the method with uninstalling previous installation. However, a warning for beginners, be careful if you are setting up WordPress for the first time.

Browse the Mojo Marketplace to check if the installation has been done. If you find anything positive on the result page, then simply click the uninstall button. After clicking the button, the installation process will initiate. This will be the first major step in the direction of solving the error of failed WordPress installation. You can use this link to head to Mojo Marketplace for checking the installs.

Now, if you cannot find any install in the Mojo Marketplace then there is no issue at all. In such cases, directly go to next step. However, if you found any install then uninstall the previous installation. After performing this action, you can go to next step.

After clearing the installs, go to your Bluehost cPanel. Now, select File Manager.

A new page will load after clicking on File Manager option. On the new page, find Public_html and then go on the right pane. Click the Select All option. Now, click on delete to remove all files & folders. This will delete all the related files and folders which were created in the previous failed installation. If you failed to run the installation on your server Bluehost, then this is the most eminent step.

After performing the above mentioned step, you can finally go back to your Bluehost cPanel. Once again, try to install WordPress once again as Bluehost WordPress install not working problem has been solved. For installing WordPress, you can refer to this guide provided by us.

The process for clearing this issue can be complicated. You can do it even with little knowledge. As your website is not live, any mistake would not hurt the website. In any case of experiencing a problem, you can contact Bluehost customer support for fixing the existing issue. Though, remember that the process might take some time to finish. So, you have to be patient and work as per the steps mentioned in the list. Don’t hurry, just try to be accurate and in the end all the hardwork will be worth it.

You can try this method to fix the issue. However, if you face any problem then free to ask about it in the comments section. Also, if you don’t own a Bluehost account yet then you can get amazing discounts for signing up on Bluehost account here.

Failed to run the installation on your server Bluehost – Fix!
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