Bluehost Server Performance Warning & Removing WordPress

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Occasionally you may come across some Bluehost problems. There’s an issue that we’re going to go through today.

Being a member of the Bluehost community, at a point of time you may receive an email with the title “Server performance warning for” your domain. As you read the email it will state that your site is using an excessive amount of MySQL resources on your Bluehost account which is causing problems on your website and to other users on the same server. They would further explain that if you don’t work upon this issue then it can cause crashes or service interruptions and may also lead to additional downtime. They would give you detailed explanation on how it happens and the limit of usage.

In the end they would advice you to remove all the unused or excessively large MySQL content. It would also advice you to schedule a rescan after removing MySQL content in order to check if you’re in acceptable limits now or not.

You should know that this email is extremely important and shouldn’t be mistaken for a scam. Many people often ignore these mails thinking that it is one of Bluehost’s promotional mails asking you to upgrade your plan. But it isn’t, it is a serious problem to be worked upon.

Who is the culprit in this?

Now, for this matter you shouldn’t put any blame on Bluehost nor should you not pay attention to the email by them. They are trying to straighten out the mess. They are actually trying to help here. The problem arises due to a bit of carelessness and ignorance from the user’s side. Sometimes, this takes place as you may have an outdated version of WordPress installed on the trouble creating website. This might also happen due to some sort of hacking problems. Now if it is an idle WordPress site lacking of any content, then you should straight away uninstall it. However, if it is a working site then you should ask Bluehost to run a scan and clean your site. In this guide we will be explaining to you as to how to uninstall WordPress from Bluehost cPanel in order to resolve this issue.

How to Uninstall WordPress from Bluehost cPanel:

First of all, you’ll need to login to your Bluehost cPanel and under website category click on Install WordPress.

Clicking on Install WordPress will direct you to the MojoMarket page. In here you can scroll down to see installations of WordPress on your Bluehost account. Just in case you have four or more blogs installed on the server then click on see all your installed scripts”. There would be uninstall written infront of every installation, click on the one which is infront of the domain where you wish to remove WordPress.

After this, you will have to select the reason for installation. Following this, WordPress will be permanently deleted which included any files installed and any database tables. The additional themes, plugins, modules and cache file will still be there. So in order to delete the leftover files after uninstallation sign in to your Bluehost account via FTP.

It will take a minute to remove WordPress from selected domain. You can also run a scan on your server to check the status of rest of your websites.

Now there may also be circumstances when you just want to fix the perfornance of the server without having to remove WordPress. If that is so, then you should ask Bluehost to run a scan on your server in order to fine the script with fault that is the base of this issue. If your case is similar as what we mentioned then they will fix it for you. Do make sure to always hack-proof your WordPress blog and keep your WordPress updated.

Bluehost Server Performance Warning & Removing WordPress
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