Bluehost Down? Best Bluehost Alternatives – Where To Migrate When Site Is Down

Bluehost provides to you the most reliable and price efficient hosting out there. When you’re looking for rich featured and value for money shared hosting for your website, Bluehost is the way to go. You can buy Bluehost hosting services at an even more affordable price by getting from our special link. But, at the end of the day nothing’s flawless. That applies to Bluehost. On occasions Bluehost down problems arise as the hosting doesn’t work as great as it is expected to. You’ll often find people complaining about Bluehost site down problems or installation problems regarding Bluehost.

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However, it is to be noted that in many cases the downtime doesn’t last for more than 5 minutes, but that doesn’t happen everytime. There have been many cases in which the Bluehost down time was more than one can afford. For a blogger or an E-Commerce website owner, whose everything is dependent on their websites, every moment of Bluehost down time costs. When you can’t afford your websites hosted on Bluehost to be down, you have to look for an alternative, a Bluehost alternative. Well, that’s why we’re here, to explain to you which alternatives can you choose by certain web hosting companies if you’re deciding to shift.

It is to be noted that before you make the shift, you should analyze your downtime. If it isn’t more than 5 minutes and isn’t frequent then we’d recommend you to not move.

However, if the you suffer the site down problems every now and then and it usually lasts more than 5 minutes, then you should make the shift.

The great thing about migrating your site in today’s date is that your website won’t have to suffer through any downtime due to the process. So as we move on, let’s go through the web hosting companies whose services will prove to be great Bluehost alternative for you.

Alternatives To Bluehost Hosting – Best Bluehost Alternatives!

Listed down below are some of the best non-EIG hosting companies which consists of good offers, similar or better hardware quality and excellent customer support services.

1. SiteGround

SiteGround allows you to migrate your website from old website to their’s and the migration is free of cost. They provide feature rich hosting services along with amazing customer support. SiteGround offers live chat support to its customers. When you’re at it, the waiting time won’t exceed 2 minutes. They have a great ticketing system which is very fast, you’ll get a response within an hour.

There are a lot of pros and a few cons that come with SiteGround hosting. Let’s study them briefly.


  • ● They offer excellent customer support.
  • ● You’ll be provided with SSD hosting.
  • ● It comes with PHP 7 enabled.
  • ● It is free of cost to migrate your website from other hosting services to SiteGround.
  • ● Value for money.
  • ● They provide free SSL cerficate.

We said the same thing about Bluehost, nothing’s perfect. The same applies here as well despite being rich featured and of a reasonable price, there are some cons in it as well.


  • ● Due to the custom cPanel that SiteGround uses, its dashboard might be difficult for people who were formerly using Bluehost or Hostgator.
  • ● SiteGround is not idle for high traffic websites as it consists of limited resources. You can handle this issue by stopping bot traffic and that you can do by implementing their Supercacher technology and Cloudflare. Both of these are free of cost.

For low traffic websites, SiteGround is a great alternative to Bluehost.

2. DreamHost

DreamHost is famous for its out of the box services and custom cPanel. It is a non EIG hosting company. Back in the day, there were many complaints against the hosting quality that DreamHost provided. However, in the past three years they took their hardware and support to the next level and became one of the most reliable web hosting companies.

DreamHost offers a 97 day money back guarantee. You can get all your money back and you’ll only pay for the domain name as they offer free domain name with their hosting plan. If you’re tired of useless customer support then DreamHost will be a whole new experience for you as their core-strength are the top notch services that they provide.

Let’s briefly go through the pros & cons of Dreamhost.


  • ● You’ll get free domain name when you buy their hosting services.
  • ● Their customer support system is top notch.
  • ● They provide unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • ● They also provide SSD storage which exponentially improves the site’s performance.


  • ● Their top notch hosting plan is a little expensive.

That’s it. DreamHost doesn’t have much to criticize it for.  DreamHost is definitely one of the best hosting alternatives for Bluehost. Everything in there is unlimited and that is what gives DreamHost an edge over SiteGround. Well, for now, these are the two options you have as Bluehost alternative.

Bluehost Down? Best Bluehost Alternatives – Where To Migrate When Site Is Down
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