I created iServerDiscount blog after I gained sufficient experience in Bluehost, as I had been using it for years prior to that.

It is not easy for everyone to understand everything related to web hosting and how to manage it and that is why with the medium of iserverdiscount, I share all the tips, tricks, reviews, tutorials and keep you updated about various packages, offers and discounts.

As an experienced Bluehost user, I feel that it is my duty to share my knowledge and experience to people that need it. The blog can be extremely useful for both existing Bluehost users and new users who are still looking for means to understand Bluehost properly. I assure you about the fact that each and every information that I share on this blog is useful for every existing and upcoming Bluehost user out there.

For all the existing Bluehost users out there, if you think that there is something you want to share with us or our readers related to Bluehost, whether it is a review or feedback of service or regarding advertising then you can drop a detailed entry and mail it to us at [email protected]

I’m always open to some tips and suggestions, so if you have any, you can get in touch with us regarding ¬†them via the email.